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Frequently Asked Questions

– Component application or function
– 3d cad and 2d files
– Alloy, production material
– Type of surface finishing
– Annual production quantity
– Start of the production
– End of the production

Each project is considered individually, if you are concerned that your production demand may be too small to start serial production, please contact our engineer who will help you choose the right solution at:

Yes, this is a standard procedure which Mednovatic applies when establishing any new production cooperation with our contractors. To speed up the process of signing an NDA agreement, we will send our contract template for any proposed changes and your approval.

Yes. We provide a warranty for all production tools designed and manufactured by Mednovatic engineers. The length of the guarantee strictly depends on the type of the project, including production quantities and the type of material from which the delivered product is manufactured.

Yes. In the case of transferring aluminium and zinc die moulds or plastic injection moulds from other companies, it is worth remembering to collect and include any accompanying technical documentation, which will greatly speed up the process of implementing your tooling on our machines and facilitate servicing or replacement of already worn components.

As Mednovatic, we have extensive experience in helping to implement new products and optimize them for our contractors. Contact our engineers to discuss your technological requirements including costs and any other necessary information for a given product group. We will analyse the best options for your production. We will then contact you to decide together on the next step.