We make multi-volume and highly refined packaging for demanding industries. The ability to produce in one production line shortens the order fulfillment process and optimizes its costs.


We produce unit packaging, consumer cardboard packaging and collective cartons, both from solid and corrugated cardboard. We design packaging according to the customer’s instructions or we make them according to the received design. Each time we deliver prototypes for inspection and approval. In addition, we offer offset and flexo printing. We print using conventional and UV methods on metallised substrates. We have machines that enable printing on corrugated cardboard.

Thanks to the experience of our employees, we are able to support the customer at every stage of packaging production. We create packaging in accordance with the needs of customers and the market, and we make prototypes of packaging on the target raw material.

Preparation room – Our graphic studio is a separate unit where all data is archived and protected on an ongoing basis, and modern CTP technology eliminates sources of errors and shortens the time of preparing materials for printing.

Packaging – Many years of experience and modern machinery allow us to carry out even the most demanding orders. The highest quality of printing is ensured by full-format machines. We provide very high flexibility and independence even with the most color-demanding prints. Taking care of the safety of packaging, we use low-migration inks.

Refinements – Varnishing (UV varnish, hybrid varnish, soft touch, iriodyne), Embossing (also Braille), Hot Stamping (gold effect, hologram effect), Lamination (matte, glossy, soft touch, metallised foil), Windowing (with the possibility of double creasing), knurling (giving structure to the cardboard surface).

Die cutting  – die cutting of paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

Gluing – assembling and gluing even the most complex structures. The glue detector system guarantees the highest quality and safety of packaging.

Slitting  – cutting cardboard and roll paper to the required format.


Cardboard packaging with basic offset printing

This segment consists of high-volume packaging with a basic finish, dedicated to packaging machines, produced on GC, GD and GT cartons.

Cardboard packaging with basic offset printing

This category includes single and collective laminated cartons and displays.

Cardboard packaging with premium offset printing

We refine laminated packaging by giving it a surface structure, laminating, gilding and varnishing.

Cardboard packaging with Flexo basic print

Cardboard boxes with a simple flexo print are most often collective packaging on uncoated cardboard.

Cardboard packaging with Flexo HD printing

An alternative to laminated packaging are flexo HD cardboards with comparable print quality. High volumes and repeatability of orders allow for cost optimization.

Cardboard packaging with Flexo HD print

An alternative to laminated packaging are flexo HD cardboards with comparable print quality. High volumes and repeatability of orders allow for cost optimization.

Courier envelopes

Our offer is complemented by courier envelopes with glued closing and tearing strips. This ensures ease and comfort of use as well as aesthetic appearance.

Corrugated cardboard

We produce and sell corrugated cardboard in sheets: coated, uncoated, 3- and 5-layer, E, B, C, EB and BC flutes. Depending on the purpose, we help the client adjust the appropriate parameters of the cardboard. A modern machine and a qualified team of employees guarantee the highest quality of the product.

Collective cartons

We are also a manufacturer of flap packaging made of corrugated cardboard from our own processing.


Despite the development of advertising on the web and social media, the traditional way of reaching potential customers is still very important. Advertising printing is used to promote the brand, supports the direct sale of a product or service at points of sale, large-format stores, conferences or many major sales fairs around the world in various industries. POS materials are a message carrier and are directed directly to the customer who makes a purchase decision often on impulse.

Thanks to several decades of design and production experience, we know how to create an attractive project and implement it well. We guide the client through the entire process: from the creation of advertising materials, DTP, production, to logistics – transport.

Despite the great importance of online marketing, classic forms of advertising still bring visible effects in the development of the company, its image and increasing sales.

We produce advertising wobblers, wobblers, price tags, posters, polesigns, notebooks, tripartite calendars and more!

We coordinate and control each stage of the order, thanks to which we provide our Clients with full comfort and a sense of security. We work in close cooperation with the Client, respecting his time and individual needs.





POS materials

Packaging and boxes

Stitched catalogs

Glued catalogs

Die-cut brochures


Business cards

Company papers



Folded and single-sided leaflets

Die-cut leaflets



Advertising newsletters




Books: spiral binding

Books: soft-glued binding

Books: hardcover

Magazines and newsletters

Notebooks and pads


CD, DVD covers