The world is changing all the time and we are not going to be left behind. We are constantly developing our company and introducing new products to our offer.

With a network of proven suppliers and extensive logistics facilities, we produce medical masks on a large scale, we supply personal protective equipment and sanitary clothing to public and private medical institutions such as: clinics, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories.

Products available:

Type IIR medical mask
(pack of 50)

Protective mask FFP2
(pack of 10)

FFP2 mask
(5 layers, pack of 10)

Protective mask FFP3
(pack of 25)

NITRILE gloves, powder-free
(pack of 100, blue)

NITRILE gloves, powder-free
(pack of 100, black)


Due to the threat posed by the Coronavirus – the solutions we offer are also used by commercial companies, including mainly manufacturing companies, banks, hotels, airlines, mobile phone operators and TV companies.

In addition, we are a distributor of high-quality antigen and antibody testsSELF-TESTS and for PROFESSIONAL USE. We deliver these tests to private and public medical entities, production companies, and cosmetic chains. We are also supplier for large-format stores.

Products available:

Antigen test for COVID-19 SD Biosensor / STANDARD Q Covid-19 Ag for a professional user (pack of 25)

Antigen test for COVID-19 BOSON for self-testing (single packed)


Rapid COVID tests enable the screening of large numbers of people in a short time, ensuring precise results. Easy-to-use tests can be used in diagnostic units even by personnel with less specialist knowledge. The introduction of COVID screening tests to the Mednovatic offer is a response to the huge demand for this type of productsand shows that we are responding to the needs of the diagnostic market.

The offered rapid coronavirus tests are cassette-type antigen tests performed on a nasopharyngeal swab sample. They allow to initially confirm or exclude the presence of coronavirus infection, although they have lower sensitivity than RT-PCR genetic tests. They are approved for COVID diagnosis by the World Health Organization.

STANDARD™ Q Covid-19 Ag Test

SD Biosensor Covid-19 Ag Test, shows 96.52% sensitivity and 99.68% specificity

The sensitivity of the Covid-19 Ag test has been established in prospective multi-institutional, randomized, single-blind studies conducted at research centers in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The sensitivity and specificity of the Covid-19 Ag assay were compared to the PCR method.

SD Biosensor / STANDARD ™ Q Covid-19 Ag Test Immunochromatography Cassette

Each kit includes:

-Test cassettes – individually packed with external quality verification of the test cassette – 25 pcs.

Extraction buffer in 25 individual tubes

-Cap with a filter ensuring sample homogeneity – 25 pcs.

Sterile, flexible and narrowing swab – 25 pcs.

-Plastic, stable stand for extraction tubes – 1 pc.

-Foil protecting the test window against contamination and eliminating the possibility of contamination – 25 pcs

-Instructions for use – 1 pc


Sensitivity: 96.52%

Specificity: 99.68%

Result available within 5 – 15 minutes

Simple, uncomplicated procedure

All materials needed to perform the test are included in the kit

The package contains 25 pcs

Product description:

STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag Test is a rapid chromographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific SARS-CoV-2 antigens present in the human nasopharynx. This test is intended for use by healthcare professionals and laboratories only as an aid in the early diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients with clinical signs of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Kit storage and stability:

The kit should be stored at 2-30oC / 36-86oF, away from light sources. The kit components are stable until the expiry date printed on the outer carton. Do not freeze.

BOSON Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card (FOR SELF-TESTING)


In vitro diagnostic rapid test for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in anterior nasal swab specimens for self-testing.


– Detects the virus in infected people
– Detects all currently known mutations of the virus
– Characterized by the simplicity of execution
– Nasal swab
– Result within 5-15 minutes
– Does not require special storage conditions (from 4 to 30 degrees)
– For self-control!

Kit Contents: 1 Test device, 1 Buffer, 1 Extraction Tube, 1 Sterilized Swab, 1 Instructions for Use




Tests based on antibody testing are used to check whether antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 have been developed. They can identify people who were not known to be infected, either because they never developed symptoms or because they had mild symptoms.

(Test for self-diagnosis)

COVID-19 self-test is a rapid immunochromatographic self-test for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 from a drop of capillary blood. The test comprises SARS-CoV-2 antigens (called RBD – Receptor Binding Domain) coupled with colloidal gold particles that are capable of detecting IgG and IgM antibodies directed against SARS-CoV-2. This self-test determines whether you have been in contact with the virus responsible for COVID-19.

Sensitivity and specificity

Biosynex COVID-19 self-test was compared to the clinical diagnosis (confirmed). The study involved 456 samples for IgG and 466 samples for IgM.

biosynex (1)

Single Packed

Kit Contains: 1 bag with – 1 test cassette – 1 lancet – 3 pipettes – 1 diluent – 1 alcohol wipe – 1 compress – 1 dressing

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