About novaticgroup

Over the years we have worked hard to get to where we are today as a novaticgroup.


We believe and identify our strategy to always strive for the highest quality of our services and final products.


The combination of experience and practical knowledge of long-term employees as well as creativity and skills of younger staff allows for the creation of an optimal offer. Knowing and understanding our clients, we offer them the best solutions.

Innovation and Trust

In order to achieve the highest quality, we constantly build our machinery park and improve our processes. Nevertheless, nothing is as important as the trust it is based on dialogue and transparent information flow, as we believe that mutually beneficial relationships are the main feature of a solid business.

Who We are

We have been a partner for over 20 years in the printing industry, packaging production, advertising printing and specialist contract packaging (co-packing services) of food and industrial products. So far, most of our realizations and projects have been based mainly on many years of cooperation and relations with individual companies in Poland and abroad. We implement projects that are designed to build emotions, provoke polemics and, above all, to stimulate sales. We design and manufacture packaging that attracts the customer and convince him to make a purchase. We work with advertising agencies, producers of food and industrial products, sales agents and many suppliers in the non-food sector, including medical, retail, household, and more.
We decided to consolidate our activities and as Novaticgroup we want to offer our services on the domestic and foreign market to other entities. As Novaticgroup, we want to expand into new markets, reach new customers and build new business relationships by expanding our commercial and marketing activities.

Our Culture

We work together, share information and learn from each other. This culture drives us to push the boundaries of our sector and excite our Clients with our approach, ideas, delivery of finished products or solutions. Our team’s unique styles, cultures and traditions create a diverse work environment where we respect and emphasize teamwork.

Our People

We are committed to build an organizational culture in which everyone is motivated to fully use their potential. The foundation of this culture is a work environment where individuals are encouraged to be the best, develop their skills and abilities, inspire others and be proud of their achievements.

What we do


We specialize in the creation and production of POS materials, printing and advertising printing.

We are unique because we combine creativity and passion for creation with professional production facilities. This allows us to provide comprehensive services: from creating a project to its implementation and transport. We work in close cooperation with our clients, respecting their time and individuality. A team of experienced graphic designers, designers and printing specialists implements even the most non-standard promotional solutions. We are not afraid of challenges. We work for the largest Polish and international brands. Many years of experience have allowed us to develop an optimal model of customer service and order execution, which allows for fast, efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective implementation of even the most difficult and complex orders.

We implemented many diverse projects. We make: product hangers, shelf strips, price tags, hangers … and many more!


Cooperation in the field of FOOD and NON-FOOD co-packing services

We cooperate with companies in regards to – a wide range of technological solutions, from multi-dimensional professional packaging to simple assembly, labeling or gluing. Services of plastic packaging, paper or thermo foils are used in the process of contract execution and in accordance with the principles of environmental protection. In addition, It is taken into account the recovery of waste and full use of raw materials in the process, as the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Fast and professional execution of orders. Complex logistic services including a high capacity warehouse with controlled storage conditions and transport. The full tracking  is being provided for our Customer Products in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22005 regulations. Production workflow is customized to individual Client or market needs. Fully implemented the ISO 22000 certificate, as well as the EcoVadis and BRC for Food Safety.


The world is changing all the time and we are not going to be left behind. We are constantly developing our company and introducing new products to our offer.

With a network of proven suppliers and extensive logistics facilities, we produce medical masks on a large scale, we supply personal protective equipment and sanitary clothing to many public and private medical institutions such as:clinics, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories. Due to the threat posed by the Coronavirus – the solutions we offer are also used by commercial companies, including mainly manufacturing companies, banks, hotels, airlines, mobile phone operators and TV companies.

In addition, we are a distributor of high-quality antigen and antibody tests – SELF-TESTS and for PROFESSIONAL USE.   We deliver these tests to private and public medical entities, production companies, and cosmetic chains and large-format stores.

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