Packaging of food products is a very responsible task, a perfect solution for producers is entrusting this task to us, i.e. a professional packaging company. We are a company with appropriate experience, employees substantively prepared to work with a food product and a company with the appropriate technologies. Thanks to all these elements, we will choose the right material for a given product, design and manufacture the packaging and pack the product for shipment.


Entrusting some of your duties to an external company is an increasingly common solution used by production companies. We provide advanced co-packing services for industrial products, which make it easier for producers to focus on the quality of their products, leaving the packaging process to us – experts. We invite you to use our services, which include: production, packaging design and labels, portioning and packaging of products and preparing them for shipment. We constantly improve the quality of our services, we make sure that each product is manufactured with full care.

Types of Packaging Solutions:

Flow Pack


Automatic Packaging

Duo Bag Packaging

Sachete Machine

Machinery Seaming

Case Packers


Hot Sticking

Two sides tape sticking

Thermal Marking System

InkJet Marking System

Laser Marking System

Machinery Labeling

Manual Labeling

Product Sealing

Thermal Sealing

Ultrasound Sealing

Impulse Sealing

Product Filming


We offer you the opportunity to create special product lines that meet the needs of your customers. The end product is 100% implemented in accordance with your vision. We also share our experience, so you can always count on our advice in this area.

We work with companies that want to provide high-quality products under their own brand. We provide the possibility of full branding from design to packaging refinement and confection.

The features of our service which are highly appreciated by our Clients are the speed, attention to detail and the ability to complete logistically complex orders. Our experience and a team of professionals enable us to pack, repack and ship any batches of goods in many variants on time.