Benefits and Advantages

A contract packer, or co-packer, is a company that packs products for its customers with full business ethics. The service we offer focuses on packing, folding or labeling and is used for many types of products such as: food, pharmacy, household goods, industrial products. 

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that we deal with comprehensive packaging: we design packaging, provide services for the purchase of materials and components, and provide shipping and logistics operations.

Main Standards


Our company has specialized machines, equipment, certificates and knowledge needed to perform a specific packaging operation.


When choosing our services, you can focus on your basic competences by handing over packaging to us, specialists in co-packing.


The client significantly reduces costs by transferring investments in packaging machines and personnel costs of employees of the packaging line to our company.


We deal with a wide range of contract packaging. We easily adapt to the planned and packaged production needs.


Many companies cooperating with us praise the possibility of quick packaging of additional projects – seasonal orders.


In the event that the customer modifies the product, we can implement a limited series of packaging to produce the products for evaluation.


Some retail chains require special stickers to be placed on the products. We label products with appropriate labels and prints.


Primary packs can be shipped to a contract packer for bulk assembly or point of sale display.


Bulk products can be shipped to a contract packer for private label products and packaging.